Soy Fragrance List
*Denotes blends specific to Bee Happy Candles.
Autumn Afternoon: Poured in two colours combining yellow with a soft orange, this candle will remind you of a walk in the woods after a rainfall..
Banana Nut: Fragranced fresh from the oven with the bananas, nuts and spices baked right in.
Bayberry: This seasonal scent comes in dark green reminiscent of warm, traditional holidays.
*Bee Happy Brulee: What a fragrance. A most delicious blend of our “top smellers” all blended together in one candle!
Black Cherry: Poured in a deep, beautiful burgundy and bountifully fragranced like a bowl full of sweet, sun-kissed black cherries.
Bursting with fragrance and deep blue in colour. You won’t go wrong with this pick!
Buttery Vanilla: This comforting blend of warm vanilla mixes just the right amount of rich creamy butter to make this fragrance one of our top “smellers”.
Candy Cane:
Seasonal scent hand poured with red and white stripes it smells just like the real thing.
Cappuccino: Just like the coffee with cream and sugar.
Other blends offered with the cappuccino are:
Hazelnut Cappuccino and Vanilla Hazelnut Cappuccino.
Caramel Crunch: A delicious blend of caramel, peanut butter, maple, brown sugar and toasted nuts.
Carnation: . As one of our strongly scented florals, this candle will have you looking around for the real bundle of carnations
Chocolate: Done up in a rich dark chocolate colour this amazing fragrance is beyond perfect for the chocolate lover, but has no calories!
Christmas Tree: Fragranced just like the real thing, with no needles to clean up after.
Cinnamon: Radiant red and full of flavour just like the little red cinnamon heart candies.
Cinnamon Bun: A tantalizingly tasty fragrance just from the oven will even have you fooling yourself into thinking that you have just baked.
Cinnamon & Cedar:
Unique spicy blend of cinnamon sticks with a hint of cedar. Very clean & delicious.
*Citronella & Lemon Grass: A seasonal “must-have” to keep the bugs at bay.
Coconut: As creamy as fresh coconut milk.
*Coconut Chocolate Milk:
A Bee Happy blend combining three wonderful fragrances into one delicious candle.
Cool Citrus Basil: A clean and fresh combination poured in a light sage green which makes this our number one “kitchen” candle.
Cool Water: Very masculine and done in a deep purple colour, this fragrance is strong, sexy and similar to Axe Cologne.
Cranberry: Our Christmas cranberry is sweet, juicy and strongly scented and coloured cranberry colour!
Crème Brulee: Another one of our top “smellers” this candle is vanilla custard with caramelized sugar. In a word….yummm!!!
*Day at the Lake: This must have is a Bee Happy blend strongly reminiscent of of being at the lake.
Eucalyptus: Poured in a deep green; this stimulating scent can relieve many of the symptoms of respiratory problems.
Fresh Cut Grass: Scented just like a freshly mown lawn on a wonderful summers day.
Fresh Squeezed Orange: Fresh Florida oranges at their best!
*Ginger Snap A Bee Happy blend combining the comforting fragrance of Gingerbread Spice with one other secret ingredient!
Gingerbread Spice: An aromatic blend of ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, & cloves with sweet baked vanilla.
Grandma’s Kitchen: This aroma of comfort brings to mind mouth watering baked apples sprinkled with cinnamon.
Grapefruit: A blend of sweet citrus and tart grapefruit.
Hazelnut: Sweet, strong and nutty. Other blends with this are Hazelnut Cappuccino; Vanilla Hazelnut Cappuccino; Vanilla Hazelnut; and Hazelnut Pecan.
Honeysuckle: A delicate sweet smelling floral.
Irish Cream: Yumm, Baileys Irish Cream. Say no more.
*Kitty Cat Clean:
Choose from pink or blue, this fresh candle is perfect for the cat lover.
Lavender: Hand crafted in a gentle shade of Lavender this fragrance has long been known for its relaxing properties.
Lemon Grass: This fragrance will have you thinking that you just cleaned and polished everything in sight!
Lemon Zinger: Tart and tangy which makes your tastebuds pucker, this fragrance brings to mind 7-Up but without the bubbles going up your nose.
*Lifesaver: A Bee Happy blend smells just like the name makes you think it will.
Lilac: This fragrance is as close to the real thing as you can find.
Lime: Stimulating to the mind, calming for headaches, a real mood booster!
*Maple Butter: This Bee Happy blend will have you wanting to take a bite, it smells delicious!
Midsummer's Nite: An energizing, mysterious and powerful masculine scent. My favourite:)
*Mint Chocolate:
After Eight in a candle.
Monkey Farts: A wonderful tropical smelling candle with hints of pineapple & a funny name!
Mountain Lake: Poured in a softly coloured turquoise this candle has the refreshing scent of cool, crisp water surrounded by snow capped mountains.
Mulberry A classic. Also available is Mulberry Cream and Mulberry Spice.
Musk: A typical warm musk with a light background of earthy patchouli and sandalwood.
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey: This unique combination produces a warm, comforting gentle fragrance.
Old Fashion Spice Cake: Fresh baked carrot cake with a touch of cinnamon & nutmeg. One of our strongest scents.
*Orange Vanilla A Bee Happy blend, just like creamsicles.
Patchouli: A deep, woodsy earthy aroma.
Peaches & Cream: Scrumptious blend of vanilla and fresh picked peaches perfect at any time.
Pecan Pie: Tempting as this is; don't take a bite even though it will make your mouth water for sure.
Peppermint: A strong invigorating mint scent hand poured in white to go with any décor.
Pine: Crisp strong pine that will fill a room with aroma.
Poinsettia: A beautiful holiday floral.
Pumpkin Pie: This pumpkin pie is a very true fragrance perfect to the slice. 
Raspberry: A true raspberry with hints of blueberry, sweet pear, peach & pineapple.
Rosemary: Fresh picked rosemary with a hint of Australian eucalyptus.
Sage: Fills the air with a crisp, clean & sporty fragrance.
*S.A.M. One of our blends with a hint of musk.
Sparkling Snowflake: A wonderful crisp, clean & slightly minty fragrance which brings to mind the picture of sunshine sparkling on fresh snow on a wonderful winter day.
Spring Rain: Poured in a light blue this fragrance is very fresh, clean and uplifting.
Strawberry: Blended in a pink hue this scent brings to mind just picked strawberries, freshly hulled with a light dusting of powdered sugar.
*Strawberry Lemonade: This customer inspired blend has been a sell out since the very first pour.
*Stocking Stuffer: Another customer designed blend which is poured in red and green layers for the festive season.
Sweet Grass: The sweet green fragrance of Native American sweet grass. This sacred herb is said to purify, and is often used in smudge ceremonies.
Tobacco A very smooth, rich blend of tobacco reminiscent of Grampa's pipe. Perfect by itself or burn it with either our Sweetgrass or our Sage candle to really bump it up a notch.
*“Twilight”: A Bee Happy blend custom made with the movie in mind. A deep dark purple burgundy colour with a fascinating masculine fragrance.
*Vanilla Mint:
Another blend specific to Bee Happy Candles. A perfect blend of mint & vanilla.
*Warm by the Fire: This Bee Happy Blend is so comforting all you have to do is close your eyes and you feel just like you are warm by the fire! A continual sell out during the winter season but also great to burn on rainy dreary days anytime of the year.
White Tea & Ginger: A warm blend of sweet smelling fragrance with top notes of fresh lemon peel enhanced with a very exotic mixture of spicy ginger.
Wine & Roses: A luxurious, elegant and romantic blend of red wine and fresh roses.
Wintergreen: Another terrific favourite with a clean smell bringing to mind the lifesavers of the same name.

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