What is the difference between the different types of waxes in today’s market?

  • Paraffin is the by product from the oil refineries. I strongly urge everyone to do their own research on this product before forming an opinion one way or the other.
  • Soy wax is made from the soy bean which is a renewable and biodegradable resource. The soybean is one of the most versatile products around today. Not only is it a high protein food source, it is used in body & skin care products, hair products, cleaning products, and now even candle wax.
  • Bees wax candles are non-toxic and non-allergenic. Burning bees wax produces negative ions which clean the air from pollen, dust, odours, and various other undesirably positively charged ions which float in our air. Ever notice how much better you feel when you are by the ocean, near waterfalls, in the woods after a rain? Each of these produces negative ions which are then pumped into the air. Burning bees wax candles produces the same kinds of negative ions.

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What is the white powdery stuff that you get on bees wax candles?

  • The powdery white stuff is called bloom. The bloom is a natural tannin from the bees wax, it is a sign of purity and may be removed by gently heating your candle with a hair dryer.

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How Do You Ship?

  • All orders are shipped via Canada Post, Canpar or Purolater.

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What is Your Return Policy?

  • If you are not satisfied with your purchase contact us within 30 days with your invoice number and the reason for the return. We will assign you a return authorization number and instructions on how to proceed. We will refund the product price and the original shipping cost provided the error was ours. If the return is due to purchaser error (ie- ordered wrong colour, etc.) the original shipping costs will not be refunded.

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How can I burn a candle safely?

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep candles away from children, pets, flammable objects and drafts. Always burn candles in a heat resistant container and/or on a heat resistant surface.

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Can I use your candles for fundraising?

  • Fundraising: Candles are a great way to fundraise. Bee Happy Candles offers a couple of different packages to fit your fundraising needs. Please contact us for further information.

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Do you accept wholesale orders?

  • A first time minimum order of $ 150.00 is required to qualify for wholesale pricing. Please e-mail us or fax us at (807) 345-1003 with your business name and address as well as the contact persons name and phone number. We also require your Vendor Permit number.

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What are your terms?

  • Payment is due upon receipt of product. We accept Visa and Master Card as well as cash and company cheques.

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